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Trust and Ministry

Being able to trust those around you can affect what you can accomplish and how well.

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is providing several examples of trust and mistrust: Incomplete radar data, blurred satellite images, technologies used to detect pings, … When countries don’t or can’t trust their neighbors, they could have reasons to fear that releasing this data could be quickly reverse engineered to discern military capabilities: ease of flying under or over radar sensors, ability to detect troop movements, ability to detect submarines, …

At the other extreme many people have cooperated to develop a new technique for analyzing radio transmissions to satellites and discern the airplane’s direction as well as its range, guiding search crews to a useful locations to begin searching for wreckage.

On the night before he was crucified Jesus set the example for trusting those one’s neighbors. As the meal began he washed his disciples feet. When people routinely walked dusty roads in sandals beside animals, washing someone’s feet was humiliating. To wash the feet of people you trust is amazing, to wash the feet of someone who was plotting to kill you would be foolish, crazy, idiotic! Yet Judas was among the disciples when he washed their feet (see John 13) and Jesus knew who would betray him.

As the Good News of Jesus Christ spreads in the world, may we learn to trust one another, even our enemies, so we might minister effectively with one another.